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Workflow Variants

SOB Display Screenshot

Frames Continuity Test
Long Exposure Photo


MPCAVS, UHD version
Multi-purpose Dynamic Chart with AV Sync

AUD2 Audio Test

Audio Levels Test
2.0 and 5.1 versions

VideoQ Library
Sophisticated Audio and Video Test Patterns

Download HDR Test Patterns Training Presentation in PDF and/or PPS format

Sophisticated static and dynamic test patterns, uncompressed or compressed video and audio files

  • VQL Instantly reveals your video display, codec, scaler, converter or other video device performance
  • VQL test patterns cover all 3 levels of video QA/QC:
    • Instant visual-aural Quality Estimation
    • Objective Measurements of video and audio performance
    • Fully automated (unattended) Quality Control
  • VQL features:
    • Compatibility with all commonly used software or hardware codecs and media players
    • VideoQ VQV / VQMA / VQTS / VQDM compatible tests
    • Wide range of video frame sizes: from 192x108 to 4096x3072
    • Variety of bit rates up to uncompressed 4:4:4 4K @60 fps, 48 bit per pixel, 16 bit per component
    • Variety of video and audio formats, color spaces and level schemes, up to 4K/UHD HDR
    • All test patterns remain suitable for accurate measurements even after low bitrate coding, heavy scaling and/or cropping, e.g. after down-conversion for mobile devices
  • Standard, custom and semi-custom tests for development labs, content processing facilities, CDN systems, software developers and high volume manufacturers

========= Target Applications =========

  • Engineering, Research & Development of video systems and devices
  • QA/QC of broadcast, prosumer and consumer video systems with LAN/WAN, HDMI and/or SDI connectivity
  • CDN and IPTV systems QA/QC

========= VQL Test Categories =========

  • Basic Static Tests - Color Bars, Ramps, Sweeps, etc.
  • Levels and Colors Tests, including renown ColorSpaceExplorer™ and special UHD HDR Tests (PQ & HLG version)
  • Frame Rate Conversion, Interlace and Frame Cadence Tests
  • VQDM compatible AV Latency and AV Sync Tests, SD, HD & UHD versions
  • Compression Codecs Stress Tests, including renown StresTracker™ sequence
  • Universal Test Charts, including AV Sync, 4K/UHD HDR & 3D versions
  • VQMA Analyzer compatible static and dynamic Test Matrices, frame sizes from 720x480 up to UHD
  • Audio Tests

========= VQL Customer Support =========

  • Technical Guidance and Tutorials
    • A comprehensive set of documentation and tutorials are provided to explain
      the use of each pattern or section within the complex charts
    • Guidance is given on how specific areas are used for monitor alignment, compression testing,
      linearity, color balance, frequency response, interlace testing, black level setup and many more parameters
  • Remote and on-site training
  • VQL based Advanced Test Suites are also available from GrayMeta, Eaglepix and ISF