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HDR Statistics Histogram
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Media Files Player/Viewer/Analyzer/Converter

VQV supports SDR, HDR-PQ, HDR-HLG and LOG formats, up to 4K/UHD

VQL / VQTS / VQMA compatible Windows software tool - your QA/QC will never miss any frame or pixel
Playout and analysis of compressed, uncompressed or decompressed video data
VQV Training Presentation

  • VQV is a compact, but powerful, Windows GUI program, featuring:
    • An offline video files player with sophisticated viewer/analyzer/converter functionality
    • Wide range of frame sizes, input and output formats: up to DC and UHD, variety of HDR formats
    • Auto (metadata driven) and manual selection of SDR, PQ (HDR10, DoVi), HLG or LOG source parameters
    • VQV displays XY positions, YUV, RGB and Light levels of every pixel and every line
    • Automatic measurement of Active Image size and position LetterBox and PillarBox detector
    • YUV/RGB signals and Light Levels Frame & Segment Statistics analisis with user-selectable overlays
    • Compressed video stream Bitrate Statistics analysis with intuituve Bargraph overlay
    • Built-in high-gain spatial and temporal high-pass filters reveal even hardly visible artifacts
    • Selectable RGB, Y, UV, R, G, B or LL (Light Level) view channels, adjustable filter mask size and position
    • Running multiple VQV instances provides for quick frames/profiles comparison and benchmarking
  • Easy-to-use tool, instantly revealing your video camera, codec, scaler, converter or other video device performance
  • Input and output uncompressed video material data are measured bit by bit, MSB/LSB, pixel by pixel, frame by frame
  • Fast and effective tool for upto 12G SDI/HDMI/LAN/WAN equipment testing and video data fidelity verification
  • Ideal tool for development labs, software developers and high volume manufacturers

========= Target Applications =========

  • Engineering, Research & Development of video systems and devices
  • QA/QC of broadcast, prosumer and consumer video systems with LAN/WAN, HDMI and/or SDI connectivity
  • Production, post-production and transcoding facilities, CDN and IPTV systems QA/QC

========= Player/Viewer Features =========

  • VQV opens and decodes any wrapped/compressed video/image file (all formats supported by ffmpeg)
  • In addition, VQV reads/plays/converts RAW video files in YUV/Y4M/RGB/BMP formats
  • Resolutions supported:
    • from 192x108 to 4096x3112
  • Variety of input and output pixel formats:
    • - Interleaved 8 bit 422 UYVY and 16 bit per component 444 YUV/RGB
    • - Planar 8...16 bit per component 444, 422, 411 and 420 YUV
  • Repeat full duration or selected fragment (A-B) loop playout
  • Variable forward and backward playout speed:
    • from -x512 to. +x512
  • Auto and manual selection of YUV<>RGB matrices, primaries and transfer functions :
    • UHD (SDR BT.2020 / HDR BT.2100, DCI-P3)
    •   HD (BT.709)
    •   SD (BT.601)
  • Switchable YUV<>RGB levels mapping:
    • 16-235 to 16-235 ("Full Range")
    • 16-235 to   0-255 ("Narrow Range")

========= Converter Features =========

  • SDR<>HDR and HDR<>HDR dynamic range and color space conversion
  • Frame rate N:1 decimation, frame repeat with 3:2 cadence, 1:N frame repeat and/or fragment repeat
  • Compressed Video to YUV/BMP, YUV to BMP, BMP to YUV, YUV to Y4M and Y4M to YUV conversion