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  VQCB Training Presentation April 2020  
  VQTS4K Training Presentation April 2020  
  VQV Training Presentation March 2020  
  HDR Test Patterns Training Presentation July 2019  
  Multi-Purpose Chart Training Presentation July 2019  
  VQMA Training Presentation March 2020  
  VQMA User Manual, version 4.2.1 July 2019  
  VQMA-3 User Manual, version 3.1.6 June 2013  
  VQDM-100 Training Presentation June 2019  
  VQDM-100 User Manual, version 1.1.6 May 2012  
  VQTS-200 User Manual, version 1.1 June 2010  
  VQTS-200 Generator-Analyzer Training Presentation June 2010  
  VQS-200 User Manual, version 1.2 June 2009  
  VQMA-2 User Manual, version 2.4.3 May 2009  
  VQTS-100 User Manual, version 1.1 August 2008  

Recommended viewers and usefull links:

  • To view VQL Library compressed and uncompressed static and dynamic files:
    - VideoQ VQV - Media Files Player/Viewer/Analyzer/Converter

  • Alternative 3rd party players:

    1 Classic Media Player from K-Lite Codec Standard Pack
    - K-Lite Pack

    2 VideoLAN VLC Media Player
    - VLC Player

  • To check VQL Library video and audio file headers:
    - MediaInfo

  • To view VQL Library audio files composition and levels
    - AVS Audio Editor

  • To check RGB levels of VQL Library content (on-screen Player/GPU output)
    - Just Color Picker

    Note that normally RGB levels of media files are displayed 'as is', but YUV to RGB conversion of media files content depends on codec/player/GPU preferences (multitide of gain/offset/color matrix parameter variations), so this issue is not straight forward.