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  VQCB Training Presentation August 2023  
  VQMP Training Presentation May 2023  
  VQMPC Training Presentation May 2023  
  VQGSG Training Presentation May 2023  
  VQMA Training Presentation May 2023  
  VQLPN Training Presentation March 2023  
  VQPT Training Presentation August 2022  
  HDR Test Patterns Training Presentation November 2021  
  VQCSE Training Presentation November 2021  
  VQV Training Presentation August 2021  
  VQV Brief Guide July 2021  
  VQMA User Manual, version 4.3.1 April 2021  
  VQTS4K Training Presentation April 2020  
  VQMA3 User Manual, version 3.1.6 June 2013  
  VQDM-100 Training Presentation June 2019  
  VQDM-100 User Manual, version 1.1.6 May 2012  
  VQTS-200 User Manual, version 1.1 June 2010  
  VQTS-200 Generator-Analyzer Training Presentation June 2010  
  VQS-200 User Manual, version 1.2 June 2009  
  VQMA-2 User Manual, version 2.4.3 May 2009  
  VQTS-100 User Manual, version 1.1 August 2008  

Recommended viewers and usefull links:

  • To view VQL Library compressed and uncompressed static and dynamic files:
    - VideoQ VQV - Media Files Player/Viewer/Analyzer/Converter

  • Alternative 3rd party players:

    1 MPV - SDR and HDR Media Player
    - Free cross-platform media player

    2 VideoLAN VLC Media Player
    - VLC Player

  • To check VQL Library video and audio files metadata:
    - MediaInfo

  • To view VQL Library audio files composition and levels
    - AVS Audio Editor

  • To check rendered RGB levels (on-screen Player/GPU output)
    - Just Color Picker

    Note that conversion of media file YUV data to on-screen RGB light levels depends on codec/player/GPU preferences (multitide of gain/offset/color matrix parameter variations), so this issue is not straight forward.