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Software Video Analyzer and Scope for DC, UHD, HD, SD and IPTV
VQMA Presentation

VQMA measures the quality of captured video files:

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VQTS-4K –12G/HD-SDI/SDI/HDMI Video Generator-Analyzer,
VQTS-200 – 3G/HD-SDI/SDI/HDMI Video Generator-Analyzer,
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VQMA brings the proven reliable objective analysis methodology
to 21st Century video QA/QC environment

  • 4th generation of VideoQ best-selling software product, also included in VQTS series products
  • VQMA is a self-contained software solution, replacing expensive and bulky boxes
  • Ideal tool for development labs, software developers and high volume manufacturers
  • Easy-to-use tool, instantly revealing your video camera or other video device performance
  • User-selectable reporting modes:
    a) machine-readable file with Pass/Fail marks,
    b) detailed multi-page PDF document
  • Manual or automated performance measurement of video cameras, video processors, video capture devices and/or complete video systems
  • Combined with an appropriate capture device, VQMA measures quality of system/device processing or transferring 12G-SDI/HD-SDI, DVI/HDMI, DP or YPrPb video signals
  • Via optional VQFF adapter VQMA can open media files in a variety of formats: MXF, AVI, TS, M2TS, MP4, etc.

======= Target Applications =======

  • Engineering & Development of Video Cameras and Video Processing Devices
  • Broadcast and Video Communication Systems Installation, Calibration and Maintenance
  • Acceptance Tests & Benchmarking

======== Main Features =======

  • Software executable under Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8; 32 bit or 64 bit versions)
  • Auto-analysis on the companion VQMA-C Matrix Test Pattern
  • VQMA-C formats: Optical Chart, File, Generator/Player Test Signal
  • Built-in Software Scope: YUV/RGB waveform monitor
  • Noise Measurement and Scope work on any static YUV/BMP image
  • Windows GUI Mode for R&D and product verification
  • Command Line Mode (DOS batch) for automated QA/QC operations

======= Analyzed Parameters ======

  • Geometry: Active Image Scaling, Aspect Ratio, Position, Tilt, Keystone
  • Colors & Levels: Black, White, Color Balance, Gamma, YUV<>RGB Color Matrix
  • H & V Shading (Levels Spatial Uniformity)
  • Frequency Response: in dB vs. scalable tvl, including aliasing level
  • UV vs. Y Gain (Color Saturation)
  • K-rating on needle pulse
  • Comprehensive Noise Analysis

======== Supported formats ========

VQMA software can analyze .YUV or .BMP files created by video decoders or captured via standard capture devices.
In combination with Unigraf capture card it can also receive YUV or RGB data directly from the card via shared memory, without any intermediate file recording. Thus, it is capable to analyze any YUV/RGB data, even the data coming from HDCP protected sources.

VQMA suports wide range of resolutions: from 192 x 108 to 4096 x 3072 in full frame image, under-scan, over-scan, letterbox and anamorphic variants.

Legacy VQMA-3 (VQTS-200) version supports only 1280x720 and 1920x1080 frame sizes.

Analysis of video files in legacy composite SD formats, such as NTSC/PAL/SECAM is possible with the previous version: VQMA-2 (VQTS-100) – NTSC/PAL Software Video Analyzer.

=== VQMA Test Pattern Sources ===

VQMA Matrix Test Pattern is available as:

  1. VQMA-C - companion optical test chart in a variety of sizes: from handy 12"x7" to large wall-mounted 82"x46"
  2. Encoded TS/M2TS/MXF files or uncompressed YUV/BMP files in a variety of resolutions and formats
  3. 12G/6G/3G SDI or HDMI signal at the outputs of VideoQ Test Systems or Reference Players