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VideoQ Product Lines


VideoQ Productivity Tools:
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VideoQ Products

  • Unique Augmented Intelligence video data analysis and fidelity verification tool for the file-based environment
  • Wide range of frame sizes, input and output formats, up to 8K, HDR WCG, HDR-PQ, HDR-HLG, LOG
  • Displays YUV / RGB / Light levels, video levels statistics and compressed video statistics
  • Set of rendering modes and artifacts revealing filters, variable forward and backward playout speed
  • Waveform Monitor, FrameScope™, ChromaScope, VectorScope, L-Bar™, C-Bar™ and VV-Bars™ tools

  • VQMP
    – Advanced QA/QC Media Player compatible with VQV Viewer-Analyzer
  • Based on MPV core engine and ffmpeg hardware-accelerated decoder
  • Up to 8K UHD 7680x4320 HDR/SDR, advanced AV Monitor and multi-channel Audio Analyzer

  • VQL
    – Comprehensive Library of sophisticated Test Patterns and Sequences:
  • Instant visual-aural quality estimation
  • Objective measurements of video and audio performance
  • Fully automated (robotic) Quality Control

  • VQMA – Software Video Analyzer and Scope for DC, UHD, HD, SD and IPTV:
  • 4th generation of VideoQ best-selling software product, also included in VQTS series products
  • Self-contained software solution, replacing expensive and bulky competitive boxes
  • Manual or automated performance measurement of video cameras, video processors and/or video capture devices
  • Measures system quality by analysis of video files or captured 3G-SDI/HD-SDI, DVI/HDMI/DP/LVDS signals

  • VQPT – VideoQ Productivity Tools
  • Suite of Linux/Windows software modules for automated analysis & processing of media files
  • VideoQ Productivity Tools are designed by engineers, for engineers
  • An ever higher number of channels/programs/titles and a growing number of formats, frames sizes, bitrates, etc.
  • Human resources required for input QC and output QC has escalated; full automation is the only solution
  • Automation is essential, but our slogan is: Robot-assisted human decisions

  • VQDM-100 – AV Test Pattern Generator and AV Delay & AV Sync Analyzer:
  • Versatile compact and robust multi-purpose tool for R&D, signal-to-glass and glass-to-glass QA/QC
  • Instant visual-aural quality estimation plus automatic latency, AV sync and 3D LR sync measurement
  • Multi-channel real-time delays (latencies) display and statistical analysis
  • 4 x Light Sensors with vacuum caps, 4 x Audio inputs (standard line levels), optional HDMI adapter/converter
  • Multi-format reference video player with up to 1080p60 HDMI and YPrPb outputs
  • VQTS Range of 12G / 6G / 3G / SDI / HDMI Video Generator-Analyzers:

    SPARTAK-VQTS4K – 4K UHD Video Generator-Analyzer
    Legacy products: VQTS-300 , VQTS-200 , VQTS-100
  • Complete self-contained PC-based units combining hardware and software tools to measure video quality
  • Contain Test Signal Generator Modules, Video Capture Modules and Software Video Analyzers
  • Include pre-installed VQL, VQMA, VQV and VQDM SW tools

IP Solutions for Automated QA/QC, Video Enhancement and Preprocessing:

  • Range of patents and related technologies for video measurements and quality analysis, including:
    • Fixed video processing distortions, such as YUV/RGB levels, balances, frequency response, etc.
    • Instrumental AV delay (lyp-sync) errors measurement
    • Compression distortions estimation and measurement
    • Transcoding sysems self-diagnostic, embedded Quality Reports and processing history tracking
  • Command-line tools for fully automated QA/QC in Linux/Windows cloud-based environment
  • Fast and reliable SW modules reading mediainfo metadata, cheching AV files integrity, audio loudness, test patterns and regular video quality parameters, such as SNR, Image Activity and Sharpness