VideoQ Company Profile

Management Team

VideoQ, Inc. is a California-based company, focused on video test & measurement and video enhancement technologies, products and services with more than 50 man-years of award-winning experience in the field of Broadcast, Consumer Electronics, Transcoding and Video Data Compression. VideoQ innovative technologies are protected by US patents.

VideoQ is a renown player in calibration and benchmarking of Displays, Video Projectors, Transcoders, Graphics and Video Processors, instantly revealing artifacts, problems and deficiencies, thus raising the bar in video quality experience.

VideoQ products and services cover all aspects of Video Quality Assurance - from visual picture quality estimation to Fully Automated Quality Control utilizing VideoQ video quality analyzers.

Our approach allows to deal with complex problems affecting both Quality Of Service and Quality Of Experience, such as video decoder response to transmission chain packets loss or cascaded deinterlacers-scalers-codecs artifacts. VideoQ is a world leader in providing unique static and dynamic Test Patterns revealing critical image problems at glance.

We test image displays of various types, analog and digital video links, capture cards and acquisition devices, RF tuners, GPUs, compression codecs, and video data transmission networks. For example, VideoQ developed techniques to measure the complete system performance parameters, such as color space conversion, frequency response, aspect ratio conversion, etc., as well as objective measurement of Video and Audio Latency - from camera lens to display screen and from micrpophone to loudspeaker.

Significant share of delivered UHD and HD content is now processed by file-based workflows in the cloud. For this area VideoQ developed a suite of command-line based software tools, providing for productivity boost based on automated content types classification and automated measurement of active image parameters.

VideoQ philosophy of Media Data and Metadata Processing is based on the concept of Media Ambit™ - i.e. acquisition and usage of technical and semantic metadata about moving images, sounds, and timed text; embedded in files or externally centralized.

Together with partners and customers VideoQ supports peacefull co-existence and benchmarking of HDR standards as well as up-, down-, and cross-conversion betweend various SDR and HDR formats.