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Zoom and Pan Controls
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Advanced Audio Monitor
In-depth Audio Analysis

VQMP – Advanced QA/QC Media Player
compatible with VideoQ VQV Viewer-Analyzer

VQMP Datasheet

VQMP Training Presentation

  • Real time files and streams playout

  • Based on MPV core engine and ffmpeg hardware-accelerated decoder

  • VQMP is compatible with VideoQ VQV Viewer-Analyzer

  • Via built-in server VQMP and VQV may share file path and timeline position

  • VQMP player can handle video up to 8K UHD 7680x4320 HDR/SDR, both files and streams

  • Multi-channel sound up to 7.1, multi-lingual internal/external audio tracks

  • Advanced AV Monitor combining Video Image and AV Analysis tools

  • Set of powerful Navigation Tools:

    • Smart files and URLs opening
    • Recent Files Manager with editing controls
    • Smart GoTo Manager with frame-accurate seek precision
    • Bookmarks Manager
    • Smart Window Size and Zoom/Pan controls

  • Set of powerful Video Analysis Tools:

    • UV Vectorscope
    • RGB Histograms
    • YUV Waveforms
    • RGB Waveforms

  • Set of powerful Audio Analysis Tools:

    • Multi-channel Level Meter in dBfs with smart peak markers
    • Multi-channel Waveform Monitor
    • EBU R 128 Meter
      - Loudness values: M - momentary, S - short-term, I - integrated, LRA - range
      - Loudness profile: S value history for 80s since last seek
    • Audio Vectorscope
    • Multichannel Frequency Spectrum Monitor

  • Video Rendering and AV Monitor Controls:

    • Color Matrices: BT.601, BT.709, BT.2020, Video Data Ranges: Narrow/Full
    • Video Image Adjustments: Contrast, Brightness, Gamma, Color Saturation