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HDR10+ Analysis

HDR10+ Analysis
Light Levels Distribution

VQV Light Levels Heatmap

Light Levels Heatmap
ColorSpaceExplorer™ Test


Smart ChromaScope
Color Gamut Checker

HDR Statistics Histogram

L-Bar™ and
HDR maxRGB Histogram

Waveform Monitor HDR-PQ RAW Mode

Waveform Monitor


Media Files Viewer-Analyzer
HDR-PQ, HDR-HLG, LOG and SDR formats, up to 8K WCG

VQV Datasheet

VQV Training Presentation

VQV Variants Table

  • Unique video data analysis and fidelity verification tool for the file-based environment

  • Wide range of frame sizes, input and output formats, rendering modes and artifacts revealing filters

  • Displays YUV / RGB / Light Levels, Video Levels Statistics and Compressed Video Statistics

  • Via built-in server VQV may share file path and timeline position with real-time VQMP media player, which can handle video up to 8K UHD HDR/SDR and multi-channel sound.
    It supports large recent files list, multiple internal/external audio tracks, and timeline bookmarks.
    VQMP Advanced AV Monitor combines powerful video and audio analysis tools.

  • VQV powerful Augmented Intelligence analysis tools:

    • Waveform Monitor
    • FrameScope™
    • ChromaScope
    • VectorScope
    • RGB & Light Levels Histograms
    • L-Bar™
    • C-Bar™
    • VV-Bars™
    • LL Highlighter and LL Heatmap
    • Noise and Acitivities Meter
    • MSB / LSB View
    • Media Info Report
    • Frame Info Report
    • Metadata Validator Report

  • VQV opens and decodes any wrapped/compressed video or image file
    (all formats supported by ffmpeg)

  • In addition, VQV reads/plays/converts RAW data files in YUV/Y4M/RGB/BMP formats

  • Automatic measurement of Active Image size and position - LetterBox and PillarBox detector

  • Color Space Controls:

    • YUV<>RGB Matrices: BT.601, BT.709, BT.2020/BT/2100

    • RGB Primaries: BT601(525), BT.601(625)/BT.709, DCI-P3, BT.2020(WCG)

    • YUV<>RGB Levels Mapping: Narrow Range / Full Range