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VQMA Test Pattern Composition

Test Pattern Composition "All-In-One"

VQMA Workflow

Large Scale QA/QC System Workflow Example

VQMA Frequency Response Page

Frequency Response Page Mobile Camera Tested

VQMA Noise Page

Noise Analysis Page
Broadcast Camera Tested

VQMA Scope Page

YUV/RGB Scope Page - Selected Line RGB Parade

Video Analyzer and Scope for DC, UHD, HD, SD and IPTV

VQMA Datasheet

VQMA Presentation

HDR & WCG support coming soon

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VQV – Media Files Player / Viewer / Analyzer

VQTS-4K – Video Generator-Analyzer

Video Analyzer for objective Video Processing Chain Integrity & Performance Validation

  • 4th generation of VideoQ best-selling software product, also included in VQTS series products

  • Self-contained solution for manual or automated performance measurement of video cameras, video processors, video capture devices and/or complete video systems

  • Windows GUI Mode and multi-page PDF Report for R&D and product verification

  • Command Line Mode and machine-readable Text Report for automated QA/QC operations

  • VQMA all-in-one Matrix Test Pattern is available as:
    Media File, Signal, Stream, VQMA-C Optical Test Chart

  • Unique algorithms for accurate & fast measurements (typically 2-5 seconds)

  • VQMA can open any media file: Raw YUV, BMP, JPG, Y4M, MOV, MP4, MXF, etc.

  • Via an appropriate capture device VQMA measures SDI, DVI/HDMI and DP video signals

  • Frame sizes: from 192 x 108 to 4096 x 3072 (4K version) or 7680 x 4320 (8K version)

  • Analyzed parameters:

    • Geometry: Active Image Scaling, Aspect Ratio, Position, Tilt, Keystone

    • Colors & Levels: Black, White, Gamma, Color Balance, Color Matrix, Color Bars

    • Frequency Response: in dB vs. scalable tvl, including aliasing level

    • Color Saturation: UV vs. Y Gain

    • K-rating on needle pulse

    • Comprehensive Noise Analysis