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VQDM-100 Datasheet

VQDM-100 Training Presentation

  • Versatile compact and robust multi-purpose tool for R&D and glass-to-glass QA/QC
  • Instant visual-aural quality estimation plus automatic latency, AV sync and 3D LR sync measurement
  • Multi-channel time-line analysis, including video frames continuity testing
  • 4 Light Sensors with vacuum caps, 4 Audio inputs (standard line levels)
  • 2 channels of AV timing analysis, simultaneous measurements of Video and Audio Latencies
  • Real time multi-channel data acquisition via USB port
  • Unique sophisticated set of static and dynamic test patterns up to 1080p@60fps
    - see more details in separate VQL page
  • Source of VQDM and VQMA Test Patterns for VideoQ Analyzers
  • Multi-format digital and analog AV outputs: HDMI, YPrPb, S-video, SPDIF, LR analog audio
  • Networkable unit, easy expansion with any external USB storage device: live clips, user content, etc.
  • The VQDM Test Pattern can be played out by optional 3rd party players/servers, up to 4K/UHD 60 fps

========= Target Applications =========

  • Teleconference Systems Installation & Calibration
  • CDN and IPTV Systems QA/QC
  • Broadcast and Prosumer Video Systems, e.g. wireless HDMI tramsmission systems
  • Engineering & Development
  • Technical Training
  • Benchmarking

======== VQDM-100 Content Categories ======

1. VQDM and VQMA Test Patterns for VideoQ Analyzers
2. Scaling, Cropping, Interlace, and Sharpness Tests
3. Levels, Colors, and Gamma Tests
4. Motion Portrayal and Motion Blur Tests
5. Universal Test Charts, e.g. our renown Moving Zone Plate Sprite
6. Standard Line-based Test Patterns
7. Live clips – high quality samples
8. Audio Tests in 5.1 surround & 2.0 stereo formats
9. Stress Tests and Frames Continuity Tests for compression codecs


You may also consider AV Sync errors subjective visual-aural estimation, – use our renown
MPCAVS Test Pattern available in a variety of formats, frame sizes and frame rates