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SMPTE RP219 Color Bars
Common SDR test pattern


Full Frame Color Bars:
Nomenclature 100/0/75/0


JSON Report Example

VideoQ Color Bars Analyzer
Software tool for on premise and cloud tasks

Video workflow verification tool
for the 8K / 4K / 2K, HDR / SDR environment

Software module of VQPT suite - VideoQ Productivity Tools

Companion program for VQCB Wonder Bars™ Test Patterns Suite

  • Easy-to-use tool, instantly revealing your video device / system / workflow performance
  • Command line automated analysis tool, suitable for workstations and cloud computing
  • Applications: Production, post-production, transcoding, distribution
  • VQCBA auto-detects and process 5 different types of color bars tests
  • Frame sizes: from 480x270 to 8K UHD
  • Dynamic range formats: HDR-PQ, HDR-HLG, and SDR
  • Variety of color spaces, frame rates and encoding formats

  • Supported color bars test patterns types (with optional audio components):

    • VideoQ VQCB - dynamic HDR and SDR AV test patterns
    • ITU BT.2111 HDR-PQ and HDR-HLG color bars test patterns
    • SMPTE RP219 test pattern
    • SMPTE EG1 legacy test pattern
    • Full frame color bars - the most common video test pattern

    VQCBA provides for automated cloud-based QA/QC, generating machine-readable JSON reports.
    In-depth analysis is possible via the VQV tool.

    Especially useful when streaming in multiple formats or when converting between formats.

    VQCBA reads media file YUV/RGB data, detects the relevant segments of video timeline, auto-detects test pattern type, calculates video and audio content parameters, compares the results with file metadata, checks the workflow distortions and conversion footprints, and finally produces machine-readable JSON Report.

    If input file contains continuous audio test tone, VQCBA detects this component and measures the audio test level in dBfs; result can be found in Audio Test Results section.

    Dynamic VQCB AV test pattern also provides for throughput Audio Gain and AV Sync Error measurements; results can be found in Audio Test Results section.

    In case of VideoQ VQCB test analysis, VQCBA decodes the VQCB QR code data and includes them in special Original VQCB Parameters section of the Report, thus allowing direct comparison of output parameters against the original ones.