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VQPT & Media Ambit
Extended Techical Metadata


Example of audio levels profile analysis


Examples of captions files compliance check


Example of HDR video light levels profile analysis

VideoQ Productivity Tools
Program modules for Windows/Mac/Linux platforms
that process AV data, make Extended Technical Metadata files,
plots, and images required for databases & orchestrators

VQPT Packages

VideoQ Productivity Tools Training Presentation

Advanced Metadata Acquisition & Usage Presentation

A new approach and new tools are needed as demanded by our customers. E.g., our VQLPN modules running on cloud servers check and normalize 20k+ audio clips per day.

Hence VideoQ has changed the focus from our traditional T&M tools to automated Productivity Tools.

Automation is essential, but human intervention cannot be excluded.

Thus, our slogan is: 'Robot-assisted human decisions'.

Periodic testing of the workflow health should be combined with permanent checking of input and output AV content parameters as well as adaptive optimization of transcoding processes.

========= Target Applications =========

  • Essential tools for automated and automation-assisted workflows
  • Engineering, Research & Development of video systems and devices
  • CDN and IPTV systems QA/QC

========= VQPT Features =========

  • VQPT modules open and decode wrapped and/or compressed video/audio/image/text media files
    (all formats supported by FFMPEG)
  • VQPT modules produce machine-readable reports in JSON format
  • Also they produce plot images suitable for human operator
  • VQPT modules provide for robot-assisted human decision-making tools
  • Automated and manual control of optimized video and audio processing/conversion
  • Automated and manual quality assurance and quality control tools
  • Notify machines, people and dashboards in automated workflows
  • VQPT modules can be grouped into several packs aimed at different workflow types