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VideoQ Geometry, Scaling & Gradations Tests
Suite of Sophisticated Test Patterns

Instant picture quality control tool
for the 8K / 4K / 2K environment

VQGSG Training Presentation

  • Easy-to-use tool, instantly revealing your video device / system / workflow performance
  • VQSGS tests can be used for visual estimation and/or instrumental analysis
  • Applications: Production, post-production, transcoding, distribution and consumer video
  • BT.2020, BT.709, BT.601 compliant tests
  • Frame sizes: 8K UHD, 4K UHD, 2K HD, 1280x720 sub-HD, PAL & NTSC SD
  • Variety of color spaces, frame rates and encoding formats
  • Other sizes/formats (AR, LB/PB, 1080i, etc.) are available on request

  • With a VQSGS test you can instantly check that the video circuit is active, workflow parameters are normal, scaling distortions are acceptable, geometry and gradations (video levels) are correct.

    The leading displays and video walls manufacturers use VQSGS (aka A1) test to validate their products in the development labs and for regular setup and check procedures.

    Sophisticated VideoQ VQSC and VQHS 4K test patterns contain full UHD bandwith test components. The tests are specially designed to check the advanced GPU adaptive scaling algorithms.

    Parameters tested:

    • Geometry:

      - Aspect Ratio,
      - Scaling,
      - Cropping,
      - Overscan,
      - Underscan.

    • Y and UV 2D frequency responses & sharpness:
    • - Aliasing (beating),
      - Ringing effects and ghost images,

    • YUV & RGB levels:
    • - Non-linearity (banding),
      - Black Crash and White Crash,
      - Dynamic Color Balance on Grayscales,
      - Monitor Setup: Black and White in R, G an B channels,
      - Color Saturation (Y vs. UV Gain).

    • Frames continuity (skip/freeze frame sequence irregularities)