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BIF (Base Index Frames) Files Analyzer/Decoder

Command-line tool for CDN processors automated multi-resolution QA/QC
Health check and consistensy analysis of thumbnail files used by major video players

  • Must-to-have command-line tool for automated multi-screen CDN and IPTV content processing QA/QC
  • Fully automated tool, instantly revealing health of all BIF files within the package prior to actual delivery
  • Optional output of JPEG thumnail images, sorted by folders, matching the structure of the package under test
  • Fast and effective tool for automated testing and video data packages verification
  • Ideal tool for high volume content processing centers, development labs and software developers

========= Target Applications =========

  • CDN and IPTV systems QA/QC
  • Engineering, Research & Development of web-based video systems and devices
  • QA/QC of mobile video devices with LAN/WAN connectivity
  • BIF archives are used to encapsulate a set of still images for supporting video trick modes (e.g. FF/REW)
  • HW and SW players, such as Roku or Adobe Flash, preload compact BIF files prior to main content playout

========= Features =========

  • Individual BIF files health check:
    • BIF format Magic Number check
    • File size vs. maximal time offset check
  • Package consistency check (package may contain 1, 2 or 3 BIF files):
    • Image size consistency within the package check
    • Time-line offset increment vs. Reference Framewise Separation check
    • Time-line offset increment consistency within the package check
    • Files order vs. JPEG quality decremental order check
  • Detailed machine-readable report file available in a fraction of a second, showing:
    • JPEG images width and height
    • Number of JPEG images in the BIF file
    • Time offsets in ms and also SMPTE Time Codes: NDF for 23.976 fps and DF for 29.97 fps
    • JPEG file sizes and corresponding byte offsets for all BIF files of the package
    • JPEG quality statistics minimal and maximal JPEG byte sizes for all BIF files tested
  • Log file showing PASS/FAIL Test Result, Test-Date-and-Time stamp and copy of command-line used
  • Optional JPEG files extraction for visual inspection in two modes
    • Full Review Mode -- extraction of all thumnail images from all BIF files of the package
    • Quick Preview Mode -- extraction of only first 5, middle-point 5 and last 5 JPEG images