Management Team


Dr. Victor Steinberg
President & CTO

Victor Steinberg brings to the VideoQ team more than 35 years experience in the fields of broadcast TV, standards conversion, display processing, de-interlacing, scaling, up- and down-conversion, noise reduction, color correction, composite encoding, decoding, transcoding and video data compression.

Dr. Steinberg is a world-known expert in the TV technology; he was member of national and international committees, received prestigious USA National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Emmy Award and UK Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement.

Victor invented industry standard 'Moving Zone Plate' test, published seven books, including the highly acclaimed reference book 'Video Standards: Signals, Formats and Interfaces', wrote multiple articles and hold 49 patents.

  Victor Steinberg
Jay Malguitou
VP of International Sales

Jay’s professional career has spanned over 20 years in different international roles, with a continuing emphasis in engineering innovation, product development and technology business management with a very successful track record in international sales.

Jay Malguitou gained high level international experience from all aspect of technical and commercial innovations and perspectives: as Test and Development Engineer, Technical Sales Manager, Director of Operations and Sales based in Malaysia, a Director of Sales based in Dubai, Technical Sales Director winning many awards namely Emmy award in Technology with the Pre-compression Processing with Snell & Wilcox, and recently an Emmy Award for the Video Computer technology with Teranex. Jay also was part of the team winning a Queen's Award for Export.

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Roderick Snell

Roderick Snell trained in the BBC and has worked in the broadcast industry for more than 40 years as an author, broadcast engineer, international consultant and manufacturer. He co-founded Snell & Wilcox in 1973 and under his guidance the company became highly respected world supplier of the whole range of innovative image processing products and technologies used by major broadcasters. Work on HDTV was started in 1988 and support for digital cinema in 1999.

Roderick always recognized the importance of video quality control, tests and measurements. He personally supported development of first all-standards Test Signal Generator and “Test Card M”, which contributed to successful DTV deployment in Europe, USA and elsewhere.

Roderick is a Visiting Professor at the Business School of the University of Kingston, Surrey; a Fellow of the Royal Television Society and a Life Fellow and Governor of the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE). He participates in a number of UK and European industry initiatives. He is member of the Executive Team of the IEE's Multimedia Communications Group and EU's Information Society Technologies Advisory Group.

In 2001 Roderick was presented with the esteemed 'John Tucker International Award for Excellence' at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) and in 2002 he delivered the Royal Television Society's prestigious Shoenberg Lecture at BAFTA in commemoration of Sir Isaac Shoenberg the "father of high definition television". In 2006 he was awarded the SMPTE gold medal ‘for outstanding achievement’.

Roderick Snell